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    On September 6, 2008, Greenway volunteers began building the loop trail behind the recreation park by chainsawing and lopping underbrush and designating a trail corridor with flagging tape and wire stake flags every 25 feet.

Lopping BranchesChainsawing

Trail builders then cleared protruding roots and stumps in a three-foot wide tread, not exceeding four feet, while avoiding trees of four inches or more in diameter by routing around them and taking advantage of natural drainage opportunities.

Removing StumpsStump Removal with the Yanmar

Bench cuts were made through existing slopes to ensure that the entire width of the trail tread was built on hardpan and not fill soul, and limbs, vines, and vegetation were pruned to a height of seven feet to permit clear passage for walkers. Limbs were trimmed flush with their trunks so that stubs did not protrude into the trail corridor. The trail grade was kept between 3 and 10 percent but allowing up to 15 percent for short distances.

Cribbing the Trail with GravelSpreading the Gravel

Crib or retaining walls were built from native gneiss at grade dips to reduce the amount of gravel fill needed, and ditches were cribbed to allow natural drainage to flow over the trail rather than along it, thus avoiding the potential for flooding or washing out of the trail itself. After construction, the trail was covered with a light coating of duff and leaf litter for drying and compaction of the surface to present a natural appearance.

Clearing the Trail CorridorLaying the Last Stone Step

Greenway Trail BeforeGreenway Trail After
Before                                                                                                     After

Completing the Trail and Steps. Photographs by Randolph Shaffner.

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